Moonwalkers ‘The World’s Fastest Shoes’ Promise to Let You Walk as Fast as You Can Run

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There are fast ways to get around, but Shift Robotics is improving that. The Pittsburgh-based robotics and engineering company has unveiled its battery-powered sneakers — the Moonwalkers.

The company claims the new silhouette is fastest shoe in the world. The style allows you to walk naturally and boost your speed up to 250%. Moonwalkers take your steps into the future, allowing you to walk at the speed of a run. It’s almost as if you have a moving walkway on your feet.

The shoes are powered by a state-of-the-art brushless DC motor and eight polyurethane wheels that work together with a gearbox to drive the overlapping wheels, which simulate much larger diameter wheels to climb over uneven terrain. Allowing for totally hand-free use, the Moonwalkers can also be used in multiple types of terrain.

An ergonomic hinge system allows your foot to naturally bend at your toes, preserving all of your mobility and balance. Moonwalkers fit any shoe with comfort padding added to the straps to make them easily disappear on your feet. They also have magnetic quick-release buckles allowing you to put on and take off in seconds.

The shoes can be fully charged with a USB in an hour and a half, have a range of six miles and can be set in “Lock” mode for stairs with just a quick gesture. Moonwalkers are IP54 water resistant and they use an automotive-grade sealing method to ensure that they can withstand rain and smaller puddles.

“Walk at the speed of a run while staying on the sidewalks,” the company said in a statement on Kickstarter — emphasizing its “world’s fastest shoe” motto.

While walking in the footwear is promised to have a boosted gait, running performance isn’t enhanced, according to the company. “You will not see any speed advantage in (running speed) as we have optimized the performance for 250% of walking speed with a max speed of 7 mph.” According to Healthline, the average walking speed is 3 mph and the average running speed is around 6 mph.

Moonwalkers are currently available to purchase on and come with a $1,400 price tag. A refundable deposit of $50 must be made at the time of the purchase. Once an order is placed, you can expect to receive your shoes next year in summer. Shipping is currently only available in the United States.

The History Behind the Moonwalkers

In the realm of groundbreaking innovations, Moonwalkers emerged from the brink of danger, sparked by a life-altering moment for visionary founder Xunjie Zhang.

A close encounter with an oncoming car during his daily commute in Pittsburgh proved to be the catalyst for Zhang’s ingenious concept. Determined to revolutionize mobility, he conceived a daring idea—to encapsulate the capabilities of an electric vehicle within a shoe. The result? A remarkable innovation that empowers you to traverse the world at a brisk pace, effortlessly merging walking and running into a seamless motion.

AI Technology

Moonwalkers aren’t just speedy; they’re also intelligent. Equipped with cutting-edge AI technology, these shoes boast lightning-fast response times, allowing for seamless navigation through bustling crowds. The AI system adapts to your unique walking style, ensuring optimal comfort and a natural stride.
With expert usability, mastering these shoes is an easy feat, taking as little as ten steps to get the hang of it.

Intuitive commands give you control, enabling you to turn off the motor for climbing stairs or leisurely strolls. Step into the future with Moonwalkers, where AI meets comfort and convenience.

Other fastest shoes

Moonwalkers isn’t the first footwear brand to try its hand at this type of footwear. Sportswear titan Nike found itself at the epicenter of a heated debate surrounding its groundbreaking VaporFly shoe—a revolutionary innovation that sent shockwaves through the world of long-distance running.

Nike’s VaporFly sneaker, introduced in 2016, caused a sensation in the running world. Featuring lightweight Pebax foam and a curved carbon plate, it sparked controversy for its ability to improve marathon times. Despite the debate, the shoe gained approval from World Athletics in 2020, solidifying its impact on the sport.

After years of scrutiny, the shoe finally received the seal of approval from World Athletics in 2020, but not without a flurry of contentious discussions. Critics argued that the footwear bordered on “technological doping,” as it granted elite athletes the ability to shave off precious minutes from their marathon times.

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